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Herpes zoster( also called tangle waist fire red, snake plate of sore and snake red , tangle waist dragon, spider sore, snake string sore and fiery tape sore) is a kind of acute herpes skin disease aroused by varicella - - the virus of herpes zoster.The pathology mechanism that this illness occurs is:This illness arouses infect in having no or lowing immunity crowd force( as child), pathogen varicella - - the virus of herpes zoster sticks membrane mainly by respiratory tract to enter blood , form virus blood disease,Varicella. After varicella symptom disappears , the virus of influence exists for a long time with hidden form in the nerve of spinal cord or in head neuron cell of nerve, some factor activations of quilt, virus from one or some of nerve festivals along corresponding around feeling nerve arrival skin, when nerve ending breeds quickly destroy organization and cell, make it inflammation, bleeding and death become sick , arouse recurrence influence,Herpes zoster. Traditional Chinese medicine name this kind of pain as the fiery acute herpes( nerve and skin at the same time is put to trouble ) skin disease burnt , many is depressed by feelings will, liver angry depressed knot melts for a long time; Or food not regular, spleen loses healthy to transport , turbid livelihood, it is hot to be depressed and melt , wet heat, recurrence because of outside sense poisonous, so that wet hot fiery poison product skin disease. Old-aged weak person, frequently since blood empty liver prosperous, wet hot poison contained , angry blood stagnate so that pain is violent( Western medicine considers as from varicella herpes zoster virus delivers ). From beginning, this ill belongs to the wet hot type or spleen of liver and gall to go through wet flourishing type , day for a long time or old-aged body weak belong to air blood stagnate ( veins and arteries are obstructed , angry blood is stagnate, it is not smooth to follow trip, stagnate skin is painful). The incidence of disease is high, it is seen that every crowd of age group may become sick , especially elderly, and geting into nature pain make one be hard to bear. The method and medicine that domestic and international medical circle has not still prevented and cured thoroughly so far.

After getting the trouble of  varicella , infect trouble is  herpes zoster; But after clinical symptom disappearing ,it produces antibody and lifelong immunity.Partial patients can turn to lose neuralgia. If it frequently recurred,it should alert the possibility of potential immunity defect disease or malignant tumor. After falling ill , the patient will go to hospital as early as possible , because its easy to treat to recover as early as better; Otherwise, condition is aggravated , pain is aggravated , it can occur lose neuralgia  or accident seriously.

The influence factor of the of herpes zoster:
After this cause of disease sends influence, virus is hidden in the nerve neuron ,it has no method yet to clear away , can not also foresee that recur time , so have no way of prevention. But have discovered that recurrence influence is herpes zoster is closely related with organism immunity function, after elderly and local wound , systematic lupus erythematosus, lymph tumor, leukaemia, AIDS as well as the patient who accepts skin hormone, radiation treatment and immunity Inhibitor for a long time this kind of patient have got the influence  easily, just illness lasts for long time, condition heavy, lose neuralgia is more serious.

The major characteristic of herpes zoster:
1, every  age can become sick,esp old aged;
2, four seasons can be become sick, the majority with the season of spring and autumn;[!--empirenews.page--]
3, any position of human body may arise herpes , with truck and face, it is most common;four limbs less;

4 ,the companion is pain, herpes scabs rear can still continue;
5 ,herpes and harm with skin surround nerve distribution along certain space, arrange sequentially banding occur one side of body, do not exceed body Center line.

The major symptom of herpes zoster:
1 , local appearance itch and scorching hot, violent pain in the 3 or 4 days before herpes;
2 , sick position is flat form erythema at first or cluster granular little papule, arise fair then cluster grain is to the big and small mound herpeses of mung bean , changing quickly for herpes which banding to arrange sequentially , it is transparent or from transparent after change muddy, is dried to scab;
3 , may companion close to lymph is swelling, pain , the whole body is improper;
4 , illness can last 2 - - 4 weeks, partial patient nerve violent pains will be continued , after turning is lose neuralgia.

The harm of herpes zoster:
In the duration, patient can arise various improper symptom, nerve pain is most obvious, make person sleeping and eating disaster installs. Have no treatment of specific drug yet, together with high cost makes one be hard to bear more. As treatment improperliness or many physique weak factors are delivered , can turn to " lose neuralgia after herpes zoster" , a few months or year to remain , count year , patient will bear painful suffering for a long time , influences life quality.

Herpes zoster still has its special type:
Eye herpes, ear herpes, viscera herpes and herpes brain membrane encephalitis( first face herpes) , have no herpes type herpes zoster , frequently occured herpes zoster style. These herpeses have particularity , and have serious harm for human body, some may deliver to lose sight , deaf , surface paralysis and the function disorder of internal organs, even die. These illnesses are easy to examine accidentally very much in early stage, medical trouble both sides should pay attention. This website for these clinical type does not do detailed exposition.

lose neuralgia after herpes zoster:

lose neuralgia after herpes zoster, clinical symptom treats the continuity pain after recovers to exceed one month nerve pain.Neuralgia is the major feature of herpes zoster, is because of the virus of herpes zoster attack nerve ending to cause , may former or accompany rash to appear , it is not obvious for baby, youth light , elderly are heavier. After skin harms symptom to eliminate completely, 20% of the patient can leave neuralgia, 75% of patients to reserve lose neuralgia in the crowd of more than 50 years old, pain between chest part rib nerve kneads dough the department distribution district of trigeminal nerve can easily seen.

[!--empirenews.page--]In the grounding of clinical expression and pathologic research, experts analysis Become sick mechanism probably following few aspects:
1 ,in the duration of  herpes zoster,it arouses surrounding neuropathy to change and the neuralgia of herpes zoster;
2, the germlessness brain membrane encephalitis is one of complication of herpes zoster,it is said that herpes zoster can involve the system of nerve centre, it is clinical to adopt retardance therapy , still has pain expression is better prove;

3 , the concurrent spiritual symptom of herpes zoster, after harming to eliminate to retreat, skin still accompanies neuralgia( insomnia and spirit depression and depression).
It is restored that people have no enough nutrition to raise immunity force , make having not been gotten by the nerve cell of virus damage effective, have not put in order by the rubbish of damage that organization and cell form to discharge , virus breeds further to destroy nerve organization.

According to report, the 1.4 with the incidence of disease of herpes zoster of crowd ‰ between - 4.8 ‰, the patient of about 20% leaves neuralgia. More than 50 years old, elderly is the major crowd of neuralgia after being herpes zoster, takes 75% of number controls. This illness is the pain difficult problem of medical circle, and the killer with potential elderly Health.

The major characteristic of this illness, it is the pain of violent obstinateness.The skin of herpes zoster harms eliminates,the pain is still last, light stimulate arouses pain to break out , do not upset can also break out suddenly, the stimulate of being alleviation clothing for body, somebody dare not wear clothing , or supports clothing , whole night not good sleep. If virus intrude corresponding cranial nerve can influence eyesight , arouse surface paralysis and hearing obstacle. Besides pain, can still bring out heart trouble and cerebral hemorrhage , even cause death.


Medical circle divides this pain in three kinds:
1, surge to offend to hurt type. It is clinical to show so as exceed for sense of pain sensitive is feature, gently touch can produce the violent pain that is hard to bear.
2 , lose-felling painful type. It is clinical to show with shallow feeling drop and sense of pain sensitive is feature, it is obvious to hurt.
3 , center integration painful type. On clinical, it may have the expression of above two types simultaneously, from center after ammunition sensitive change exceptional into major feature.

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Patient depicts pain vividly in examining to burn shape pain for fire , tears apart shape pain and needle-punched shape pain, knife cuts the same pain, lightning shape is painful and so on. This sufferer person should notice following points: 1、 in the aspect of food: Do not eat pork , do not drink. 2 、in the aspect of taking action: Do not move about or move about less , notice to rest. 3 、in the aspect of mood: Do not want depression , do not be irritable , mood will be optimistic. 4 、in the aspect of treating: Must not adopt to destroy the method treatment of nerve. If cut off , retardance , inject hormone anesthetic in nerve root.[!--empirenews.page--]

The patient is tormented since long-term bitter pain that can not stand to speech, mood exception, sleep-disorder, working ability and social activities are lost nearly, quality life is hard to guarantee, lose confidence for prospect even have commit suicide idea, household is also worried to be put to trouble , it endangers to surpass the imagination of ordinary person.


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